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What is 2Take1?

2Take1 is a highly popular and well-established mod menu for the popular game Grand Theft Auto V. With over 6 years on the market, it has established itself as one of the best options available for players looking to enhance their gaming experience.
One of the key features of 2Take1 is its powerful LUA engine, which allows users to easily create and share their own custom scripts. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for players, from simple quality-of-life improvements to more complex and creative mods. Other features include a user-friendly interface, regular updates and support, and a wide range of options for customization.
Whether you're looking to increase your in-game currency, spawn vehicles, or just make the game more fun, 2Take1 is a great choice for any Grand Theft Auto V player.
In this documentation you will learn how to download the 2Take1 GTA V menu as well as installing it.

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Windows 10 Compatible: ✔
Windows 11 Compatible: ✔